Stretch & Lily

We just purchased two BUDDY BELT’s from Muttropolis here in San Diego for our two Mini Dachshunds. So far, we are extremely pleased with them! Our 7 year old male, Stretch, has been battling fear aggression since he was a puppy. His mother dog attacked him at 5 weeks old, and to boot, he had no litter mates. Socialization and positive, calm experiences have been a key in keeping his life and ours emotionally fulfilling and satisfying. On walks, Stretch would appear fearful most of the time (tail down, ears down, constantly looking behind him). He just couldn’t wait to get back home and wouldn’t relieve himself until he got back to his own back yard. At times though, when other dogs would cross paths with us, he would act aggressively, pulling and lunging at them while wearing a conventional collar. We would be forced to pull back tightly on the leash, which seemed to egg him on even more as the conventional collar restrained him by the neck. Definitely, a conditional response was created based on the misinterpreted messages he was getting from us each time we came across another dog. Our dog behaviorist told us that Stretch thinks that we are telling him that whatever is approaching is definitely a threat, by pulling tightly on the leash, causing the collar to tighten around his neck, aggravating him even more and eventually causing him to choke and gasp for air. Definitely a bad experience from beginning to end. Before the BUDDY BELT, walks for our family were stressful and training method after training method failed us. Now, with the BUDDY BELT, Stretch walks with confidence! Proudly almost. He can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. He can’t figure out if he actually has a collar on, as strange as that may sound. It’s almost as if he thinks he’s getting away with something! It’s very humorous. Other dogs approach and he ignores them, even wags his tail. Our other Dachsie, Lily, a two-year old female, is doing great as well with the BUDDY BELT! She is an extremely well-adjusted little soul. Her only problem was pulling on walks. She would pull and pull with a conventional collar until she choked. Now, with the BUDDY BELT, she too thinks that she’s getting away with something, and no more pulling! She walks happily next to the rest of the family. Thank-you so much for your wonderful product!!

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