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I have three rescue Chihuahuas … all different sizes, love that Buddy-belts are available in so many sizes and colours! Cocoa is a 9 year puppy mill survivor (adopted through CCRT), the buddy-belt is soft and gentle on her old, arthritic and delicate body. It’s fast and easy to buckle her up and I know she is secure on walks. I always recommend these to friends and family …


When we got our little Luna she was 4lbs and 12 weeks old. I tried at least 6 different harnesses including a cat harness. They were all too big. The cat one did not fit properly because a cat body is much longer than my Biewer. I didnt wantbyo spend a ton of money on a harness that she would outgrow in several months. I decided to just use the collar we had and wait until she wa closer to full grown. Luna is now 9 months old and weighs 6 lbs. Again big bulky harnesses with a lot of material. A Biewer Facebook group recommended a Buddy Belt. I checked out their website. I am on a fixed income so some are very high priced. They have an excellent selection of liquidation harnesses that are within my budget. I checked Luna’s measurements against the sizing chart and determined she would be a size 3. I tried to check at a local store which did carry them. They did not have her size but had the size smaller and the next size up. Neither fit and I knew a size 3 would be perfect. The pet store did try to show me bulky heavy harnesses which we did not like. I ordered the one in the car on the way home from the pet store. It arrived 2 days later and fits great with extra notches to allow for a jacket or a sweater. They are so much better than a regular harness. It is a minimalist harness. No bulk, no extra material.
Luna walks way better with no pulling and no choking. Definitely a win. I would highly recommend Buddy Belts.

Paula Farrell
Biewer Terrier

Having 3 miniature dachshunds for over a decade I would never ever recommend anything else: WORTH EVERY PENNY. Great company, amazing product! Soft, durable, secure, BEAUTIFUL and STYLISH…

Dina Fourman
Miniature dachshunds

My mom and dad got my a Buddy Belt and now I can go out and explore the world. You can find me @adventuresofbennythecavalier on Instagram.


I have been spending 65$ per harness every 6 months for a different brand and have been so disappointed so I posted on French bulldogs sharing and buddy belts was the clear choice! I absolutely love these! Easy stylish excellent quality leather and I won’t have to replace them!!! Thank you so much for this amazing product!!!! I’m so pleased!!

2 French bulldogs

We had purchased the buddy’s belt from Bauhaund farms in Milton, June 20 th 2021 Ontario. We were happy and comfortable that my Dog Zoro had a perfect fit harness for him. He looked so cute in it that and everyone kept asking where did you get the harness. Until Recently he got his teeth on the belt and chewed the end corner and it ripped. Wish I had a nearby store which carried it. So I see the warranty on site but no proof of purchase I kept. So would love to get another one

Bigi Paul

I bought a buddy belt for my jack Russell. He is not fond of getting his harness on and is an escape artist with his awkward shaped little body. The buddy belt was the best purchase for him until he chewed the whole thing. I cannot find any store that carries them anymore and have been told they have been discontinued. It was the only harness I felt safe walking him in. So I feel sad and disappointed now.

A note from Buddy Belts:
Hi Marie, thank you for your testimonial! My apologies for your experience – we do have a warranty that may cover this type of damage. Please visit our Warranty page for more information. Thank you!

Jack Russell x pug

My name is Sunny, I am a 2,5 years old longcoated Chihuahua and i love love love buddy belts. My owner got me my first set (harness and leash) when in was only 4 months old and since then i get an new set every year. I really like the caramel, because it matches my coat so well, so i hope she’ll get me that one. I don’t like any other harnesses as they don’t have the smooshy beautiful leather that the buddy belts have.
Greetings and a paw, all the way from the Netherlands.

PS: Do you ship to the Netherlands? You have more colors than our local store


A note from Buddy Belts:
Hi Sunny, we’re so glad you love your Buddy Belt!  We ship globally from our website. Thank you!

Longcoated Chihuahua

At any given time I have between 13-16 dachshunds in my house. Most are mine but I also have a dachshund rescue. I love these harnesses for so many reasons. They aren’t “hot” when the weather is warm. My dogs can’t wrangle out of them. They are adorable and come in so many patterns and colors (side note – my dogs are known for their style so even their harnesses have to be couture! ??). I dress several of my dogs when we go to events and these harnesses fit comfortably over their outfits and I can even color coordinate. While they are made for all breeds, I love that they were inspired by a Dachshund. Most importantly, they don’t put pressure on the dogs neck so these are so much better especially if your dog pulls. I can’t say enough about them. I hope someday to meet the creators of these harnesses!

Dawn Shonkwiler

Foxy is 11years old and her Buddy Belts are over 10 Years old now! When Foxy was a puppy she decided to chew threw the leather, so I bought another one. Then she decided to chew threw the second one. I had them repaired by a leather worker and the quality and workmen ship is amazing. Can’t believe how long they’ve lasted only getting softer over time. I was wondering if you still use the same quality of leather? I’ve seen them sold in some stores not showing the same quality and softness of leather.



**A note from Buddy Belts-

Hi Brandi, thank you so much for your testimonial- what a great example Foxy is of a lifelong Buddy Belt fan! The product referred to above, that you have likely occasionally seen in store is our now-discontinued BB2 line, which was made from synthetic leather. If you have any questions regarding our leather or other products, please feel free to email [email protected].  Thank you again!



I have a Yorkshire Terrier almost 14 yrs old and these BB’s have saved her life from other dogs harming her so many times I stopped counting. They also have saved her trake to the point my kids ask me why our yorkie is the only one that doesn’t sound like she can’t breathe. With that said I could sell your product over and over again as it is I share my story with every small/med dog owner I run into I believe in your product and I actually believe that is why my sweet little’Miss Tiffany Diamond” is in great health.

Patti Bauer
Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

When mom was researching my breed she discovered that we have known trachea/esophagus issues. She decided not to purchase a regular collar and leash combo. I’ve never had a an issue with gagging…..well, except for the time I found that….well..uh..nevermind…

Wagner (Wags)
Norwich Terrier (Champion lineage! OK, yes, I'm bragging....)

Second i just bought as Momo has grown. No 5 now
T his is the only harness i feel Momo is fafe in as he tries to escape when he is scared

Wire hair mini Dachshund

Being only 4.5 pounds it’s not easy to find pup accessories that fit me right. Harnesses are either too tight and pinch me or too big so I fall out. Since getting my buddy belt I don’t even notice I’m wearing it. Unlike other harnesses I can even sleep in my buddy belt and mom doesn’t have to rush to remove it once we walk back in the door because I don’t even notice it’s on. Plus the fun colors look great against my tan skin!


Where do I start… Chloe my little Cairn Terrier I rescued as a baby from a puppy mill who’s literally turned my life upside down for the best!! Anyways we went through a few collars/leashes when I first adopted her & then noticed how red her neck was from her LV leather (ha, yes she has an LV collar & leash) anyways learned how much better a harness is for dogs all sizes not just small!
Found the perfect one gosh maybe 6 years ago, light pink with with gem stones on the harness.. about three weeks ago her harness finally fell apart and I freaked!! Luckily, the customer service of Buddy Belt is amazing & informed me that they can replace for free a one time harness! I ended up giving the old one even though it broke.. maybe the rescue group could glue it back together anyways WOW WHAT AN AMAZING COMPANY!!! Amazing customer service!! And now Chloe is so happy, she feels like her cute little self now!! Best product out there!!! ❤️❤️❤️??

Sarah Thimmesch
Chloe, Cairn Terrier (Wheaten Color) Female

My brother is Ralphie the Designer Dachshund.We are on instagram. Mom is a fabricator. I am their Muse. I am build differently in that my chest is big and the rest if me is definite weenie.
Mom is saving up to buy me a red Buddy belt and eventually one for Ralphie. Mom has wasted a lot on harnesses that don’t fit.Im including a photo.
I’m the adorable one.
We love Caruso!, Sassy Chic

Gretchen Jacob
Dog Chiweenie

I’m a pretty bold adventurer, and I’m SUPER tough, but I also unfortunately suffer from IVDD – and have had two pretty rough episodes. After my first surgery (I’ve had two) my mom was pretty worried about my recovery, and had to teach me how to go for my walks again little by little. She did a lot of online research and found that Buddy Belts were the best for pups like me – and we have been using them ever since to help to take the pressure off of my neck and spine, but still have fun! (And look extra fashionable- my first one was red and now I’m rocking a fresh natural green) – I’m so happy I can still go on adventures and know I’m taken care of and comfortable! Mom’s favourite part is all the fun colours and she won’t stop showing my pictures to everybody. (She asked me to add that – she’s so embarrassing)

Miniature dachshund

It’s always been so hard finding a dachshund-appropriate harness! For a while, Toby was overweight. However, he’s on a nice weight loss regimen lately, which complicated the harness matter even more. Then one day, I was in a store with 2 Buddy Belts in stock. Luckily one was in his size (4) and not pink! Toby left wearing it. It’s so perfect! It’s small and comfortable and fits on his funny doxie chest. But it’s size adjustable too – which so many vest-style harnesses are not. Now I’m on a hunt for local boutiques that carry the Buddy Belt! (Instant gratification and a car ride for Toby!)

Toby Dog & Michelle Lentz
Dachshund (tweeny)

I bought my first Buddy Belt 8 years ago and still use it! It’s amazing. And even more amazing….when I bought it I didn’t put it tight enough on my puppy…so of course she got her teeth in there and chewed it. I contacted the company and they hand delivered (by bicycle) a brand new one right to my door. Ever since then I have raved about their excellent service and quality to anyone considering a buddy belt!

Stephanie and Ruby

Once a month we are on tv promoting our shelter. Blue Kline our Savannah Monitor was a recent guest. Of course weraing his Buddy Belt.

Dr. Angela Maxwell
Savannah Monitor

Charlie is puffy and the BB is still easy to put on. I like that it does not press on the throat because Poms often get trachea problems.
It is not like a full vest harness so Charlie can be cool in the summer.


Mom has bought 6 buddy belts for her friends dogs but when she got me she couldn’t decide what color to buy. She loved the natural but was concerned about durability without the lining and stitching. She decided it was worth the risk and boy are we happy with it! Super soft leather, maybe has stretched a tiny bit over the last year and a half but that’s ok because I “stretched” a little more than she expected 🙂 I’m on the second to last notch on the natural and last notch on the regular, so minimal stretching and hasn’t affected the integrity. I go everywhere with mom so it’s been exposed to mud, salt water swims (by accident), rain and anything else we can get into it. A coconut oil treatment once in a while and it’s better than new because we love the way it has darkened over time, Mom says it highlights my handsomeness. 4 paws up for sure!

French Bulldog

My discovery of Buddy Belts has literally changed my little man’s life with his recent diagnosis of Feline Asthma. It’s a HUGE challenge to find a harness to fit my Savannah cat Bentley even before this health issues as he’s very lean, long and has very large shoulders. Cat harnesses aren’t strong enough, dog harnesses were too big in the chest, too small in the shoulders so I had one custom made. With his new onset of Asthma it started to trigger attacks when he would pull, even with daily puffer treatments. I was truly panicked, we travel all the time so he’s on a leash almost daily. I went to my trusted Global Pet Foods store desperate for an option that didn’t go around the neck and would fit his unique body shape and they said Buddy Belts! I was so thrilled and relieved to discover there was an option out there that was secure and wouldn’t contribute to a potentially life threatening attack.

Did I mention they are super stylish, amazing quality, and super easy to put on compared to his past harnesses! He get’s compliments on it all the time. For size reference Bentley currently wear’s a size 4 leather BB, he may need to move to 5 once he reaches full maturity to fit those crazy large shoulders epically with his hoodies underneath in the colder months.

I’m so grateful to Global for introducing us to BB and so grateful to Buddy Belts for making a truly unique and beautiful harness that’s been a game changer for this cat momma’s peace of mind and my little mans ability to be out and about safely with no constraints to his breathing. I would recommend Buddy Belts to anyone for their pets, but if you have a furbaby with Asthma they are a MUST! I have no idea what I would do with out it! THANK YOU BB!! Xoxo

Gina aka Mum to Bentley The Savannah
Species: Feline Breed: Savannah

My dog had worn of what I thought was just about every harness possible, until I came across Buddy Belts! Super cute and unique design and every colour you could think of, couldn’t resist getting the matching colour! Would recommend to any dog owner!

Hannah Gagliano

Paprika has had her size10 powered pink BuddyBelt for going on 8 years now! Kuma has had his size 10 for 4 years!! They’ve been in the waters of Huntington Beach, Long Beach, in pools, and the water fountains of Santa Monica 3rd street Promenade (ooops) and there isn’t a single spot of rust on the metal parts and the leather is as strong as the day we bought it….at a small boutique store in Venice, CA which doesn’t exist anymore! These BuddyBelts have withstood the test of time – 8 years and still going! The steel ring, buckles and latch all work as smoothly as day one. The leather DOES, magically shape to each of my dogs’ bodies and in fact, when laid side-by-side, it’s very clear whose BuddyBelt is whose. BuddyBelts artisans have truly achieved a harmonic resonance between Form and Function. Whatever you guys are doing to create such durable and stylish products, please don’t ever lose that edge!

Grant Nakano

I got the first Buddy Belt for my youngest Doxie, Thunder, as he is so small (5.5 lbs) and I couldn’t find a good harness for him. I love that these harnessess come in such a wide variety of sizes. It fit him perfectly. I decided to get one for my other Doxie (Hercules, 16 lbs) as well as they are so lightweight. His Puppia worked well but with him being a long-hair and very poofy, I wanted to get the harness off is neck area more. It just arrived today and as soon as I switched to it, he was acting like the weight of the world had been lifted off him. These things work soooo well.

Linda Hayman
Mini Dachshund

I purchased my BB for my dachshund as soon as I felt she had grown full size. This is an absolutely long lasting harness. We’re going on 6 years now and it hasn’t changed it’s original shape. It’s not stretched out, saggy, nothing has fallen off. It’s in perfect shape, maybe a little dirty.
It’s an excellent buy for your money as you won’t have to replace it every couple years.
Buy buy buy I say. Penny loves hers. Steps right into it and away we go. She is a very strong dog with a low chest. She can’t “back out of it” either.

Thank you,
Penny and Marene

Marene Hanson
Wirehair Dachshund

i like to play with socks ever since i was a little pup. I like to go for long walks near the lake and i really love bananas.

I am a Toy Poodle

My Buddy Belt arrived today and it fits perfectly. The colour is “tres fabu”, very this season!
I’m particularly taken with the chaffing liner! Such a simple solution but what high quality for a secondary item! Amazing! I have to commend you on your product; it by far exceeds my imagination. I feel a little spoiled here in Paris, one becomes accustomed to the French style and Italian workmanship in leather goods but I have to say your product is definitely on par. Congratulations!

Lilly and Rosie

We could never find a harness to fit our little “Jabba” the pug. He’s 20lbs so would typically be a medium in the chest and a small length wise. We tried 3 other harnesses each having their downfalls. Last Saturday Jabba managed to slip out of his harness in the middle of the road (it really only fit him well with his winter coat on) and that’s when I loaded him in the car to make a day of finding him the proper harness. After 7 pet stores and about 13 harnesses we finally knew, as soon as the Buddy Belt was put on, the search was over!

For once we had more to choose from than just small, medium and large! It is adjustable enough to stay snug without his sweater on, but loose enough to fit over his sweater when needed. We know he loves it, because as soon as we take it off, he grabs and brings it back to his bed! (He sleeps with his Buddy Belt)


I love the Buddy Belt! My Boston Terrier does too. They’re fantastic, such a simple, smart design. Please come up with more colours and patterns – we’re addicted! Such a great product. No more shaved, red chest from nylon harnesses, no more red irritated neck from collars.

Boston Terrier

The Buddy Belt have performed well above expectations in all situations including damp or snowy weather and the finishes (hot pink and lizard green) have also been very durable – particularly on the matching leash handles which we originally thought would deteriorate in a matter of a few months!

We have recommended your product to many small dog owners. The Buddy Belt provides superior and secure control of our dogs. They are easy to put on and easy for the dogs to wear. The Buddy Belt allows the dog to be a dog without being choked half to death and that is just perfect.

Owen & Daisy

The belts are made here in Toronto, ON, Canada and I’ve been to the factory. The leather is an amazing quality, wears in like butter and the hardware is very high quality. My dogs have been wearing them for about 1.5 years now and I would never go back tot he regular old harness. They’re easy to put on, take off and clean. We get stopped constantly and asked about them. Truly the best money on “gear” I’ve spent so far. Also, if you have a puller it keeps all strain off the throat, so there’s no distress, especially in these hot times when our guys have laboured breathing as it is.
Buy one, seriously, it will last a lifetime, they look and feel great and they’re humane. And they fit like a dream, no twisting and digging into the skin like the nylon harnesses!

Bull Dog

Thank you again for Taz’s Buddy Belt! I came home from the pool the other day and we went for a long walk along the waterfront. It’s amazing! Taz adjusted to it immediately. I love that the leash hook slides from side to side for full mobility. Incidentally, red is a great colour for him. He looks quite handsome with his blonde coat and red belt accent.


Just wanted to say thanks again for the world’s greatest invention! Izzy is a changed pup. She has gone from sounding like a dog in distress to being a canine in control. The Buddy Belt has become our best friend! We LOVE it!


Just though I would let you know that you have yet again made me a satisfied customer. Oreo (Boston Terrier) is on his 2nd BB and loves it. He doesn’t pull, he pays more attention to the walker, and his eyes aren’t as red as they were. He wears the BB all day and it’s only taken off at night. Thank you for an amazing product!

Boston Terrier

I ordered a size 9 Buddy Belt for my 5 year old Lab mix and it works wonderfully! She no longer pulls me down the street. It was worth every penny as we both enjoy our walks much more now, and it is very easy to put on and take off. I also use it when she travels in the car and attach it to a seatbelt leash. A great product!

Lab mix

I have a 1 year old French Bulldog and like every frenchie owner, we struggle with the size of their thick necks when putting a traditional harness on! I first saw Buddy Belts at Pussy and Pooch in Beverly Hills and fell in love with the multitude of colors and especially the crystal embellished one I ended up buying Penelope! It is so easy to put on and looks different than every other harness in the market! Penelope and I love it!

French Bulldog

I bought a Buddy Belt for my bichon. It saved his life last night. A German Shepard attacked him- bit into his back- and because I could lift him in the harness and swing him in the air away, the other dog let go and I could then pick my dog into my arms and run. A collar on my dog could never have done that. So thank you. He is one sick dog after surgery but I believe he will live because of the harness and the fact that it cradles the dog. Best $100 I ever spent!


I have three pugs and because of their almost neck- less shape lol harnesses are best for them but most harness have the leash loop down the back which is not convenient for winter when they have their coats on.
But with Ziggy’s new Buddy Belt, problem solved! My little fella can stay warm and he looks super stylish in his soft leather harness. Needless to say I’m sold on Buddy Belts now and will be getting my two other fellas a harness as well!


I had no idea the harness was fashioned for a real dog. I’m on my 3rd one for Auggy, my English Bull Guy. Each one is slightly different in construction . I had tried many combinations of halters and harnesses but Buddy’s works great. Auggy is a little over. 80lbs ., no fat just solid muscle. I’m 63 and arthritic with two hip replacements. He’s a handful and I can’t take chances on something inferior. The craftsmanship and leather are top notch. Thanks for a great product.

English Bull Guy

Other harnesses were awkward to put on and uncomfortable to wear. With the BB Sophia does not even seem to notice she is wearing it, which makes training and going for a walks way more enjoyable for the both of us. I have also noticed that she moves more freely since the BB does not restrain her at all. Due to its proper fit, I also feel safe leaving her alone while wearing it. Great product!!


My dog Kyber has never had a harness that fits him like the BB. With the soft leather, lightweight, non-constricting design, the BB is the best harness we’ve used. BB is perfect for all dogs and activities.

Belgian Shepherd

I am ecstatic about BUDDY BELT. BB doesn’t constrict my Terriers movements in any way, shape or form. It’s like they don’t even know they’re wearing it! BUDDY BELT is easy to put on and easy to get off.

Didi, Adara, Summer, Ghost and Cappi
Toy Fox Terriers

We invested in the product because of our concern for Griffey’s throat… Without doubt, the design and materials have proven to be safe, effective and durable. The BUDDY BELT allows us to maintain the control that we know is in his best interest! Griffey’s gate has improved as well.

Champion Jack Russell Terrier

The BB fits perfectly! The quality and workmanship are fantastic. BB exceeds my expectations in all areas.
Putting the BB on couldn’t be simpler. The BUDDY BELT gets a FIVE-STAR rating from all of us.

Lil Sam

This is by far the best harness I have seen; particularly helping dogs with collapsing tracheas and helping to prevent damage to tracheas.

Any pull on the neck from a collar is not good. When we got Mr. Binky’s BB it was evident that it was very well thought out and especially well made. The leather, the buckle, everything was quality. Also, it is very easy to put on and take off, unlike anything else. Finally, the BB gives you a sense of security.

Mr. Binky
Yorkshire Terrier

The BUDDY BELT is awesome! Just to look at it and to feel it, you can tell it’s a quality product. The fit is perfect, and we use it every time we walk him. He hasn’t worn a collar in years!

Jack Russell Terrier

WOW! Make that…BOW WOW!! I love my new Buddy Belt! My name is Boo and I am a 6 pound, 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier who knows a thing or two about leather. I’ve had a few collars and harnesses around my neck that made me GAG! A lot of “big,” small dogs like me have a little problem with their tracheas, and the Buddy Belt comes NO WHERE NEAR MY TRACHEA like all other collars and harnesses. I love it. I can walk as fast as I want and the Buddy Belt feels GREAT! No more hacking and coughing for me!

If your Human is anything like mine, they are always concerned about those little mats of tangled hair we get when wearing most harnesses. They don’t bother me, except when our Humans try to make our hair smooth again. OUCH! This is my favorite thing about the Buddy Belt. No mats! It is so easy to put on, and it rides effortlessly over my hair when I walk. So little leather to rub my coat means…NO MATS! The Buddy Belt is my new best friend!

Yorkshire Terrier

I bought a Buddy Belt for my Bichon. It saved his life last night. A German Shepard attacked him- bit into his back- and because I could lift him in the harness and swing him in the air away, the other dog let go and I could then pick my dog into my arms and run. A collar on my dog could never have done that. So thank you. He is one sick dog after surgery but I believe he will live because of the harness and the fact that it cradles the dog. Best $100 I ever spent!

German Sheppard

This year was a very big year for my puggle Lucy and I. Lucy was nine weeks old when she came into our lives and has been a never ending joy. I trained her to walk on a leash with a martendale collar but I was constantly having to say, “no pulling”. It was with a little doubt that I tried your buddy belt but I was delighted. She immediately walked beside me and I haven’t had to utter that phrase since Woofstock! I have had a lot of interest here in Oshawa whenever we go out and she proudly wears her pink buddy belt. Thank you so much for this wonderful creation!


This is a revolutionary harness that I think all Yorkie owners should consider when purchasing a new harness.

As the owner of a Yorkie, I learned very early on that harnesses are the only way to go when walking with a leash. Collars are unacceptable because of the pressure they put on the throat and the potential damage they can cause. Harnesses are best when walking a Yorkie, but they are not all created equal. Their designs have evolved over the years and in the late 1990′s the next revolution in harnesses emerged.

First, let me say that most harnesses look like two collars with some straps between them. This “typical” harness was always difficult for me to get to fit properly. The front strap would always ride up on Catherine’s neck and be just as dangerous as a collar alone. Her little chest doesn’t protrude enough and her body is so small that a regular harness just wasn’t safe. I generally used a harnessed piece of clothing when taking her on walks – in the winter it was a snowsuit with a D-ring to clip the leash to and during the warmer months it was a dress with a D-ring. While this solution worked, it became pretty annoying to have to dress my dog to take her outside. But, what could I do? Her odd, little body was just not safe in a typical harness.

So, what makes a Buddy Belt different? The design for sure. I had never seen anything like it. Laid out flat, they look like spectacles. The design ensures that there will be a snug fit and that the harness will not put any pressure on the structures of the neck – the pressure will remain at the chest. The harness is made of leather and is highly durable and strong. Also, since the adjustment is all at the top, in a belt design, they are not confusing at all. The Buddy Belt is very easy to step in and out of, making it easy to take on and off and use multiple times a day with no hassle.

For me, this harness has all of the features I have been looking for, so I had to buy one and see for myself. The result: Catherine and I both absolutely LOVE the Buddy Belt! It is so easy to take on and off – no more fumbling with typical harnesses and adjusting them over and over again. No more riding up on the neck. And, no more tangled, messy hair. Since we have been keeping Catherine’s hair long, the problem with clothing has been the tangled mess her hair is left in after a walk. With the Buddy Belt, her hair stays in place and doesn’t end up a tangled nightmare when we get home.


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I originally bought a Buddy Belt for my 7lb toy poodle, Charlie, because he has a partially collapsed trachea.
He needed this harness to prevent frequent coughing. Recently, I found another benefit for my Buddy Belt. Charlie sprained his left front leg and did not want to go for his daily walk. After a couple of days, I knew he wanted to see all his doggie friends. so I used the Buddy Belt like the dog show trainers do. I kept the lead short and walked Charlie right beside me, keeping upward pressure on the belt. His chest, then, bore his weight rather than his front legs. This allowed Charlie to walk without undo pressure on his sprain and enjoy time with his friends until he fully recuperated.
This is easily the best harness i have ever had. Functional and attractive. What else do you need?


So I finally bought a Buddy Belt, after years of wondering what all the hullabaloo was about…Koa has owned every single other harness on the market (that would be a total of like 20. He had a too small puppia for awhile, then a too big one, and he still has one puppia and two hip doggies and they’re okay. He dislikes being anything but naked. He sulks when it’s time to gear up for going out but seems to accept the Buddy Belt above the others. Over the past few months, he developed what seemed like a sensitivity to anything against his skin. He’d be walking down the trail scratching every 2 feet where the plastic buckles on his collar and harness are.I had some acupuncture done on him to help his immune system and decided to break from the synthetic materials of past harnesses and it was time to finally get a Buddy Belt. I always liked that they didn’t have a bumpy clasp right at the side so the dog lays down on it (it’s more toward the top). I was THRILLED to find you make a special “Natural” leather one since the nylons where what we were going away from in the first place. I love this harness to pieces. The quality and fit are exquisite. Size 8 fits him perfectly at 49 lbs and a 27-28 inch girth. The ethical manufacturing, that energy, I feel it radiating from the product literally. I was worried about stiffness and chafing and the truth is that the way it gradually breaks in and conforms to the body has been a beautiful process to witness. I love the scent of the veg leather. I love the branded logo. Chafing has been nonexistent. AND in combination with the acupuncture (ironically the harness arrived the day of the appointment) the itching is drastically reduced now! Hes also much less restless and less inclined to overheat (that’s probably the acupuncture– I guess this is two testimonials in one) Koa just feels better in the Buddy Belt. In addition the perk for me is that he is much less inclined to “forget” not to pull. He used to always need a reminder. He’s much more even keeled on the leash. Finally, I have much greater confidence in the Buddy Belt as a car restraint / seat belt than any other big bulky harness car specific on the market (many that go RIGHT up to the neck!). Not to say that anything will guarantee safety in the event of an accident, but I always felt like plastic buckles were a sadly ignorant product flaw.

Here’s to Buddy Belt! We are fans for life!


When we first got Aerial she was 8 weeks old. Our breeder told us about this wonderful item, the Buddy Belt. We had never owned a dog before and so I wasn’t quite sure what to do and just waited a few days. My trainer had told me about a specific collar to purchase–so I did. She was soooo small when we got her (about 2 lbs.) and everything was just too big. Although she was small she was very active and not having a collar was not such a good idea. I tried putting on the collar and she hated it tremendously. It bothered me soooo much to pull this little 2 lb. fluff ball by her neck.

I then remembered about this wonderful product my breeder told me about and called Roxanne. She was such a great help to us. We went to her home where we met Buddy and she measured Aerial right away. This was great now because I could pull her how I wanted without worrying about her little neck snapping. As Aerial was just a small puppy and always playing, she somehow after a few weeks kept putting her Buddy Belt in her mouth and slowly chewed it at one end. I called Roxanne and she was not around. I remembered her telling me she would be away for a few weeks. So what was I going to do? I went to a few pet stores. I purchased a couple that seemed like they would do the job, but they were horrible. Hard and thick on Aerial’s skin. Nothing out there could ever replace our Buddy Belt. After leaving a few messages, poor Roxanne called and wanted to mail me one from out east. We waited the few days for her to come home and she mailed me the Buddy Belt right away. Roxanne is a very good person. She always was patient and took the time whenever we had any problems. The Buddy Belt has to be the best item ever made for dogs. I know if I am every walking Aerial and a large dog comes towards her I can just pick her up by the leash and I know she would not get hurt. I would recommend the Buddy Belt to anyone who truly loves their pets. Thanks Roxanne from me and mostly Aerial.


The best thing is that I can put this off and on, unlike the [other] harness, which was so difficult to figure out. We are very happy with the Buddy Belt.

Thanks so much for dropping those collars off!! Beau’s fits beautifully, even though he’s going through one of his bone rack phases. Oreo’s fits fine, she might be one for a custom fit when she’s older, she’s such a mini tank. BUT after walking Oreo on the buddy belt, NO regurgitation at all and her surgery site was not bothered one bit!!
Thanks again SO SO much.

Beau & Oreo

We just purchased two BUDDY BELT’s from Muttropolis here in San Diego for our two Mini Dachshunds. So far, we are extremely pleased with them! Our 7 year old male, Stretch, has been battling fear aggression since he was a puppy. His mother dog attacked him at 5 weeks old, and to boot, he had no litter mates. Socialization and positive, calm experiences have been a key in keeping his life and ours emotionally fulfilling and satisfying. On walks, Stretch would appear fearful most of the time (tail down, ears down, constantly looking behind him). He just couldn’t wait to get back home and wouldn’t relieve himself until he got back to his own back yard. At times though, when other dogs would cross paths with us, he would act aggressively, pulling and lunging at them while wearing a conventional collar. We would be forced to pull back tightly on the leash, which seemed to egg him on even more as the conventional collar restrained him by the neck. Definitely, a conditional response was created based on the misinterpreted messages he was getting from us each time we came across another dog. Our dog behaviorist told us that Stretch thinks that we are telling him that whatever is approaching is definitely a threat, by pulling tightly on the leash, causing the collar to tighten around his neck, aggravating him even more and eventually causing him to choke and gasp for air. Definitely a bad experience from beginning to end. Before the BUDDY BELT, walks for our family were stressful and training method after training method failed us. Now, with the BUDDY BELT, Stretch walks with confidence! Proudly almost. He can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. He can’t figure out if he actually has a collar on, as strange as that may sound. It’s almost as if he thinks he’s getting away with something! It’s very humorous. Other dogs approach and he ignores them, even wags his tail. Our other Dachsie, Lily, a two-year old female, is doing great as well with the BUDDY BELT! She is an extremely well-adjusted little soul. Her only problem was pulling on walks. She would pull and pull with a conventional collar until she choked. Now, with the BUDDY BELT, she too thinks that she’s getting away with something, and no more pulling! She walks happily next to the rest of the family. Thank-you so much for your wonderful product!!

Stretch & Lily
Mini Dachshund

We recommend the Buddy Belt to complete strangers, at the park or just on the street. It is comfortable, durable, and so easy to put on. Our dog, Igwet, loves hers, and we think they are so fantastic we got the smallest size for our bearded dragon, Rex! Now he can go out for walks, too!

We splurged and bought our Yorkie, Bella, a buddy belt for her 2nd birthday. The Buddy Belt definitely lives up to its claims! The belt is very comfortable for her and has gotten softer over time. She has had it for over a year now and it is worth every penny! Bella gets a lot of compliments on her Buddy Belt and we talk up the brand to other dog owners. Overall the Buddy Belt is an awesome product!


Chelsea is a Patterdale Terrier. A Rescue Dog with a few issues. I have had her now for a little over one year. She is a wonderful and very loving dog, however, not so great on a leash! For a 17 lb dog she is surprisingly strong.

Not wanting to injure her with a regular dog collar, in the past year I have tried every dog harness on the market. The problem is that Chelsea is a big dog in a 17 lb body. She has a neck measurement of 11” and her “girth” measures 17.5”. Regular harnesses simply were not designed for her body type…If the neck fit, the torso did not….I finally found the Buddy Belt searching online. The idea of it only needed to fit around her torso, sounded like exactly what we needed. I ordered the “splash” design.

Not only does it fit her PERFECTLY. It is made of super soft leather. It looks adorable. (We have already received compliments.) I can tell that Chelsea feels much more comfortable in Buddy Belt. But the best part….My wild child is much easier to control with the buddy belt! It is so much easier to use than anything we have tried before. Two steps in, buckle and we are ready to roll.

Thank you so much for thinking outside the box with the Buddy Belt. It makes perfect sense! And, it has made our walks so much happier!! I cannot thank you enough for this FANTASTIC product!

Patterdale Terrier