“WE LOVE OUR BUDDY BELTS” is an understatement.

Paprika has had her size10 powered pink BuddyBelt for going on 8 years now! Kuma has had his size 10 for 4 years!! They’ve been in the waters of Huntington Beach, Long Beach, in pools, and the water fountains of Santa Monica 3rd street Promenade (ooops) and there isn’t a single spot of rust on the metal parts and the leather is as strong as the day we bought it….at a small boutique store in Venice, CA which doesn’t exist anymore! These BuddyBelts have withstood the test of time – 8 years and still going! The steel ring, buckles and latch all work as smoothly as day one. The leather DOES, magically shape to each of my dogs’ bodies and in fact, when laid side-by-side, it’s very clear whose BuddyBelt is whose. BuddyBelts artisans have truly achieved a harmonic resonance between Form and Function. Whatever you guys are doing to create such durable and stylish products, please don’t ever lose that edge!

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