Make that “Belts” plural! ❤️❤️❤️

At any given time I have between 13-16 dachshunds in my house. Most are mine but I also have a dachshund rescue. I love these harnesses for so many reasons. They aren’t “hot” when the weather is warm. My dogs can’t wrangle out of them. They are adorable and come in so many patterns and colors (side note – my dogs are known for their style so even their harnesses have to be couture! ??). I dress several of my dogs when we go to events and these harnesses fit comfortably over their outfits and I can even color coordinate. While they are made for all breeds, I love that they were inspired by a Dachshund. Most importantly, they don’t put pressure on the dogs neck so these are so much better especially if your dog pulls. I can’t say enough about them. I hope someday to meet the creators of these harnesses!

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