LOVE!!! Recommend to everyone that has rescued a new family member!

Where do I start… Chloe my little Cairn Terrier I rescued as a baby from a puppy mill who’s literally turned my life upside down for the best!! Anyways we went through a few collars/leashes when I first adopted her & then noticed how red her neck was from her LV leather (ha, yes she has an LV collar & leash) anyways learned how much better a harness is for dogs all sizes not just small!
Found the perfect one gosh maybe 6 years ago, light pink with with gem stones on the harness.. about three weeks ago her harness finally fell apart and I freaked!! Luckily, the customer service of Buddy Belt is amazing & informed me that they can replace for free a one time harness! I ended up giving the old one even though it broke.. maybe the rescue group could glue it back together anyways WOW WHAT AN AMAZING COMPANY!!! Amazing customer service!! And now Chloe is so happy, she feels like her cute little self now!! Best product out there!!! ❤️❤️❤️??

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