Literally Life Changing! Not just for Dogs!

My discovery of Buddy Belts has literally changed my little man’s life with his recent diagnosis of Feline Asthma. It’s a HUGE challenge to find a harness to fit my Savannah cat Bentley even before this health issues as he’s very lean, long and has very large shoulders. Cat harnesses aren’t strong enough, dog harnesses were too big in the chest, too small in the shoulders so I had one custom made. With his new onset of Asthma it started to trigger attacks when he would pull, even with daily puffer treatments. I was truly panicked, we travel all the time so he’s on a leash almost daily. I went to my trusted Global Pet Foods store desperate for an option that didn’t go around the neck and would fit his unique body shape and they said Buddy Belts! I was so thrilled and relieved to discover there was an option out there that was secure and wouldn’t contribute to a potentially life threatening attack.

Did I mention they are super stylish, amazing quality, and super easy to put on compared to his past harnesses! He get’s compliments on it all the time. For size reference Bentley currently wear’s a size 4 leather BB, he may need to move to 5 once he reaches full maturity to fit those crazy large shoulders epically with his hoodies underneath in the colder months.

I’m so grateful to Global for introducing us to BB and so grateful to Buddy Belts for making a truly unique and beautiful harness that’s been a game changer for this cat momma’s peace of mind and my little mans ability to be out and about safely with no constraints to his breathing. I would recommend Buddy Belts to anyone for their pets, but if you have a furbaby with Asthma they are a MUST! I have no idea what I would do with out it! THANK YOU BB!! Xoxo

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