So I finally bought a Buddy Belt, after years of wondering what all the hullabaloo was about…Koa has owned every single other harness on the market (that would be a total of like 20. He had a too small puppia for awhile, then a too big one, and he still has one puppia and two hip doggies and they’re okay. He dislikes being anything but naked. He sulks when it’s time to gear up for going out but seems to accept the Buddy Belt above the others. Over the past few months, he developed what seemed like a sensitivity to anything against his skin. He’d be walking down the trail scratching every 2 feet where the plastic buckles on his collar and harness are.I had some acupuncture done on him to help his immune system and decided to break from the synthetic materials of past harnesses and it was time to finally get a Buddy Belt. I always liked that they didn’t have a bumpy clasp right at the side so the dog lays down on it (it’s more toward the top). I was THRILLED to find you make a special “Natural” leather one since the nylons where what we were going away from in the first place. I love this harness to pieces. The quality and fit are exquisite. Size 8 fits him perfectly at 49 lbs and a 27-28 inch girth. The ethical manufacturing, that energy, I feel it radiating from the product literally. I was worried about stiffness and chafing and the truth is that the way it gradually breaks in and conforms to the body has been a beautiful process to witness. I love the scent of the veg leather. I love the branded logo. Chafing has been nonexistent. AND in combination with the acupuncture (ironically the harness arrived the day of the appointment) the itching is drastically reduced now! Hes also much less restless and less inclined to overheat (that’s probably the acupuncture– I guess this is two testimonials in one) Koa just feels better in the Buddy Belt. In addition the perk for me is that he is much less inclined to “forget” not to pull. He used to always need a reminder. He’s much more even keeled on the leash. Finally, I have much greater confidence in the Buddy Belt as a car restraint / seat belt than any other big bulky harness car specific on the market (many that go RIGHT up to the neck!). Not to say that anything will guarantee safety in the event of an accident, but I always felt like plastic buckles were a sadly ignorant product flaw.

Here’s to Buddy Belt! We are fans for life!

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