Jabba the Pug

We could never find a harness to fit our little “Jabba” the pug. He’s 20lbs so would typically be a medium in the chest and a small length wise. We tried 3 other harnesses each having their downfalls. Last Saturday Jabba managed to slip out of his harness in the middle of the road (it really only fit him well with his winter coat on) and that’s when I loaded him in the car to make a day of finding him the proper harness. After 7 pet stores and about 13 harnesses we finally knew, as soon as the Buddy Belt was put on, the search was over!

For once we had more to choose from than just small, medium and large! It is adjustable enough to stay snug without his sweater on, but loose enough to fit over his sweater when needed. We know he loves it, because as soon as we take it off, he grabs and brings it back to his bed! (He sleeps with his Buddy Belt)

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