I love it (and it makes me incredibly stylish)

I’m a pretty bold adventurer, and I’m SUPER tough, but I also unfortunately suffer from IVDD – and have had two pretty rough episodes. After my first surgery (I’ve had two) my mom was pretty worried about my recovery, and had to teach me how to go for my walks again little by little. She did a lot of online research and found that Buddy Belts were the best for pups like me – and we have been using them ever since to help to take the pressure off of my neck and spine, but still have fun! (And look extra fashionable- my first one was red and now I’m rocking a fresh natural green) – I’m so happy I can still go on adventures and know I’m taken care of and comfortable! Mom’s favourite part is all the fun colours and she won’t stop showing my pictures to everybody. (She asked me to add that – she’s so embarrassing)

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