Foxy loves her Buddy belt

Foxy is 11years old and her Buddy Belts are over 10 Years old now! When Foxy was a puppy she decided to chew threw the leather, so I bought another one. Then she decided to chew threw the second one. I had them repaired by a leather worker and the quality and workmen ship is amazing. Can’t believe how long they’ve lasted only getting softer over time. I was wondering if you still use the same quality of leather? I’ve seen them sold in some stores not showing the same quality and softness of leather.



**A note from Buddy Belts-

Hi Brandi, thank you so much for your testimonial- what a great example Foxy is of a lifelong Buddy Belt fan! The product referred to above, that you have likely occasionally seen in store is our now-discontinued BB2 line, which was made from synthetic leather. If you have any questions regarding our leather or other products, please feel free to email [email protected]  Thank you again!


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