Chelsea is a Patterdale Terrier. A Rescue Dog with a few issues. I have had her now for a little over one year. She is a wonderful and very loving dog, however, not so great on a leash! For a 17 lb dog she is surprisingly strong.

Not wanting to injure her with a regular dog collar, in the past year I have tried every dog harness on the market. The problem is that Chelsea is a big dog in a 17 lb body. She has a neck measurement of 11” and her “girth” measures 17.5”. Regular harnesses simply were not designed for her body type…If the neck fit, the torso did not….I finally found the Buddy Belt searching online. The idea of it only needed to fit around her torso, sounded like exactly what we needed. I ordered the “splash” design.

Not only does it fit her PERFECTLY. It is made of super soft leather. It looks adorable. (We have already received compliments.) I can tell that Chelsea feels much more comfortable in Buddy Belt. But the best part….My wild child is much easier to control with the buddy belt! It is so much easier to use than anything we have tried before. Two steps in, buckle and we are ready to roll.

Thank you so much for thinking outside the box with the Buddy Belt. It makes perfect sense! And, it has made our walks so much happier!! I cannot thank you enough for this FANTASTIC product!

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