WOW! Make that…BOW WOW!! I love my new Buddy Belt! My name is Boo and I am a 6 pound, 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier who knows a thing or two about leather. I’ve had a few collars and harnesses around my neck that made me GAG! A lot of “big,” small dogs like me have a little problem with their tracheas, and the Buddy Belt comes NO WHERE NEAR MY TRACHEA like all other collars and harnesses. I love it. I can walk as fast as I want and the Buddy Belt feels GREAT! No more hacking and coughing for me!

If your Human is anything like mine, they are always concerned about those little mats of tangled hair we get when wearing most harnesses. They don’t bother me, except when our Humans try to make our hair smooth again. OUCH! This is my favorite thing about the Buddy Belt. No mats! It is so easy to put on, and it rides effortlessly over my hair when I walk. So little leather to rub my coat means…NO MATS! The Buddy Belt is my new best friend!

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