BB has been a wonderful help in our IVDD journey

Gretta went down with IVDD July 6th – her back legs and tail were immobile and she had no deep pain sensation. We chose conservative treatment and have had her on 8 weeks of strict crate rest like suggests. Two vets said she wouldn’t ever walk again when she wasn’t walking by 6 weeks – but she stood on her own just before the 8 week mark, and now it’s 5 days later and while she’s not walking normally… she’s definitely getting around!

We had been thinking of getting a Buddy Belt for a while, just as a convenience thing of not having to harness her up in her nylon and cloth harness every time she wanted to go out (we don’t have a fence, so… leashed walks 5-6 times a day). But when she went down we thought the collar around her neck was a bad idea since it would obviously put weight on her spine. ❤

Having the Buddy Belt has been sooo useful, especially since we’ve been using a dog stroller as a movable crate during the day – it has clips so we could clip her BB and keep her secure so she wouldn’t jump out to, say, try to chase her kitty sister! She’s so comfortable in it. It really is just fantastic. Thanks so much!

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