When we first got Aerial she was 8 weeks old. Our breeder told us about this wonderful item, the Buddy Belt. We had never owned a dog before and so I wasn’t quite sure what to do and just waited a few days. My trainer had told me about a specific collar to purchase–so I did. She was soooo small when we got her (about 2 lbs.) and everything was just too big. Although she was small she was very active and not having a collar was not such a good idea. I tried putting on the collar and she hated it tremendously. It bothered me soooo much to pull this little 2 lb. fluff ball by her neck.

I then remembered about this wonderful product my breeder told me about and called Roxanne. She was such a great help to us. We went to her home where we met Buddy and she measured Aerial right away. This was great now because I could pull her how I wanted without worrying about her little neck snapping. As Aerial was just a small puppy and always playing, she somehow after a few weeks kept putting her Buddy Belt in her mouth and slowly chewed it at one end. I called Roxanne and she was not around. I remembered her telling me she would be away for a few weeks. So what was I going to do? I went to a few pet stores. I purchased a couple that seemed like they would do the job, but they were horrible. Hard and thick on Aerial’s skin. Nothing out there could ever replace our Buddy Belt. After leaving a few messages, poor Roxanne called and wanted to mail me one from out east. We waited the few days for her to come home and she mailed me the Buddy Belt right away. Roxanne is a very good person. She always was patient and took the time whenever we had any problems. The Buddy Belt has to be the best item ever made for dogs. I know if I am every walking Aerial and a large dog comes towards her I can just pick her up by the leash and I know she would not get hurt. I would recommend the Buddy Belt to anyone who truly loves their pets. Thanks Roxanne from me and mostly Aerial.

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