Absolutely love it

When we got our little Luna she was 4lbs and 12 weeks old. I tried at least 6 different harnesses including a cat harness. They were all too big. The cat one did not fit properly because a cat body is much longer than my Biewer. I didnt wantbyo spend a ton of money on a harness that she would outgrow in several months. I decided to just use the collar we had and wait until she wa closer to full grown. Luna is now 9 months old and weighs 6 lbs. Again big bulky harnesses with a lot of material. A Biewer Facebook group recommended a Buddy Belt. I checked out their website. I am on a fixed income so some are very high priced. They have an excellent selection of liquidation harnesses that are within my budget. I checked Luna’s measurements against the sizing chart and determined she would be a size 3. I tried to check at a local store which did carry them. They did not have her size but had the size smaller and the next size up. Neither fit and I knew a size 3 would be perfect. The pet store did try to show me bulky heavy harnesses which we did not like. I ordered the one in the car on the way home from the pet store. It arrived 2 days later and fits great with extra notches to allow for a jacket or a sweater. They are so much better than a regular harness. It is a minimalist harness. No bulk, no extra material.
Luna walks way better with no pulling and no choking. Definitely a win. I would highly recommend Buddy Belts.

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