Natural Collection


Available in sizes 1 – 8

If you like to keep things simple and pure while minimizing your impact on the environment, then the Natural Buddy Belt harness is for you.

  • Raw, veg tan leather with no colour dyes and lower impact production.
  • Scars and marks that appear on the surface are natural and are part of the beauty of the leather.
  • Tone variations can exist due to light exposure, handling and storage.
  • Surface patina will develop its own personality as it ages and wears.
  • Moisture, a dog’s natural oils and day-to-day wear will all contribute to the ageing process.


Treating the leather beforehand can reduce the impact of weather and wear.

We recommend applying a leather protector before using the Natural BB.

Here are a few products we like:

Treatment and Care Tips:

  • Retreat seasonally, or as needed.
  • If BB becomes wet, lay flat to dry and retreat.

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