Natural – Veg-Tan Leather


Please follow these easy steps to select the correct size Buddy Belt Harness for your dog.

For more information on our Extra-Soft Liners, please visit their product page.


Add Clear Crystals

Add extra soft Liners for your harness

White leather removable liners to add extra cushioning

Add Extra Soft Liners – GOLD

Metallic gold leather removable liners to add extra cushioning

Add extra soft Liners – SILVER

Metallic silver leather removable liners to add extra cushioning


BB Natural Collection  Sizes 1 – 8

I like to keep things simple and pure while minimizing my impact on the environment.
Raw, veg tan leather with no colour dyes and lower impact production.
Scars and marks that appear on the surface are natural and are part of the beauty of the leather.
Tone variations can exist due to light exposure, handling and storage.
Surface patina will develop its own personality as it as it ages and wears. Moisture, a dog’s natural oils and day to day wear will all contribute to the ageing process.
Treating the leather beforehand can lessen the impact of weather and wear. We recommend applying a leather protector before using the Natural BB. Here are a few products we like:

Clapham’s Original Leather Dressing with Neatsfoot Oil & Lanolin:
CAPO Pure Refined Neatsfoot Oil:
Atsko SnoSeal Water Proofing Beeswax:

*Retreat seasonally, or as needed.
*If BB becomes wet, lay flat to dry and retreat.

** Please ensure proper fit for your Buddy Belt harness using our Measure & Fit instructions.
If your dog is between sizes, not sure of the best size or have any questions please use the Customer Service link to contact us.
Buddy Belt is the luxury harness that hugs your dog. Its comfortable fit wraps around the body, just like a hug.
The Buddy Belt has only one buckle and slips on in seconds, making going for a walk a pleasure. You will feel confident that the Buddy Belt’s low cut design and ergonomic fit minimize pressure on your dog’s neck and spine ensuring a better well being. To guarantee quality, a devoted and passionate dog-loving crew carefully handcrafts each Buddy Belt in Toronto, Canada.
In our wonderful shop you will find current colours for BB harnesses, accessories and clearance items.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 11 × 25 × 2 cm

Harness Size

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