Get to know our newest ambassador



How did you meet your human?

My parents found my breeder through my brother from the same mother!  @einsteins_escapades came into my dad’s work one day and made a big impression.  A while later they reached out to the breeder. She didn’t have any puppies available but was looking for a home for a special pup who was named Mickey at the time.  I was smaller than most, and after they drove 4 hours to meet me, I selected them as my new family!

What is the story behind your name?

Milo was a name that my parents had always liked for a dog, and when they met me they thought it just suited me perfectly!

Which 3 words best describe your personality?

Sweetheart.  Independent.  Smartypants.

Who is your favourite ‘hooman’?

At home my best friend is my dad. I follow him around and hang out in the man cave, where mom is not allowed.

Out in the world (walkies, car rides, shopping) I need my mama. She keeps me safe and I need her close by or want to be her lap or arms.

What is your superpower?

Fountain of youth.  I look like a forever puppy.

What is your favourite food?

Chicken.  All day everyday.  Oh and cheese!

What would your human say is you most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?

My ‘relationship’ with Lamby, my stuffy from puppyhood.

Where can we find you hanging out?

I watch the world from my giant window overlooking a courtyard.  I keep my family safe by alerting them to anyone/anydog that stays too long!  Beware of tiny fluffy dog!

Which is your favourite Buddy Belt colour?

I was gifted a red plaid Buddy Belt from my dog friend Boss. It is special to us and we love using it every Holiday season!

What size BB are you?

I wear size 2!

Finish the sentence. My most memorable ‘Buddy Belt’ moment was when…

Honestly it was the day that my parents purchased my 1st Buddy Belt.  The shopgirl told us it was the only harness that we would ever need, showing us how easy and comfortable it was to use and that they had kept her small pup safe in many situations by being able to pull her up and out of danger.  We are grateful to her for recommending it!

Instagram: @milomeetsworld