Warranty & Request Form

BUDDY BELT is an accessory item and Class Art Productions Inc (makers of the Buddy Belt brand of dog products) assumes no liability. The use of the product and safety of the pet is completely at the purchaser’s discretion and responsibility.

It is strongly recommended that any dog should be supervised and closely monitored when first wearing the BUDDY BELT, until it has become accustomed to the product and to monitor for chewing the harness or chaffing in sensitive areas under the front legs.

Do not return any product to Buddy Belts without first filling out the form below and receiving return instructions from a BB representative.

Buddy Belt Quality Guarantee

Quality workmanship and care are engineered into every Buddy Belt product.
All Buddy Belt products have been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure that the materials used are of the best quality.

What does the warranty cover?

Buddy Belt

Class Art Productions Inc will offer a limited lifetime warranty on any manufacturing or hardware defects for any leather Buddy Belt product

This warranty does not cover leather & material or hardware damage beyond normal wear.

Your dog harness is an item that will be used a few times each day. We cannot guarantee that it will never wear out. Investing in a leather harness will increase the life of your product.

It is important to note that leather is naturally puncture and tear resistant. Our leather products are double-layer leather, reinforced with stitching. They are very strong and do not just ‘tear’, ‘rip’ or ‘fall apart’.

This warranty is directly related to and in accordance with the proper care of your harness and other topics covered on our FAQ page.

Our warranty does not cover chewed harnesses.
We cannot guarantee that you dog will not chew our products.
A chewed harness will generally happen near the chest rivets, as seen in these photos.

Examples of Chewed Buddy Belt Harnesses

Fine Print

  • Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.
  • No exchanges or replacements will be issued without a proof of purchase receipt.
  • No refunds will be issued on defective product.

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.