Against all of her family’s wishes, my mom decided to meet a stranger off Craigslist in a dark parking lot to meet me and my brother! I didn’t like her at first. I didn’t want her holding me or playing with me. I just followed my master around while my brother gave her all the attention! She really loved him but appreciated the loyalty I was showing my first human. So, despite her favoring my brother and me not liking her one bit, our world’s collided and became one. 

What is the story behind your name?

Ma picked my name because she knew I’d rule her life from that point on! She didn’t want to pick anything chocolate-y for me despite my chocolate coat, and so, I became DUKE! 

Which 3 words best describe your personality?

The three words that best describe me are: hungry (this word should probably just be listed three times…), aloof (I’m weary of strangers), and loyal (as I showed the moment I met my momma).

Who is your favourite ‘hooman’?

My favorite hooman is my mom. Even though I’m almost 5 years old, she still receives backlash for having me at such a young age. My hoomom always stands by me and defends me. I know she loves me just as much as I love her!

What is your favourite food?

My favorite food is EVERYTHING! I’ve been binge eating a lot of my little siblings’ poop (cat poop is da best)! I also like to steal steak from the counter when my humans look away for .00001 seconds!

What is your super power?

My superpower would be mind control…because whenever people look into my droopy eyes they can’t help but give me food!

What would your human say is you most unappealing / most embarrassing habit?

If my mom could change one thing about me, it would be my jealousy towards intact dogs (unneutered). She looks very embarrassed, but I just want to take their balls because I don’t have any…life is so unfair.

Where can we find you hanging out?

I’m often found hanging out on the couch, sleeping. I sleep a lot. Sleeping is a passion of mine. I’m a couch potato. But when my mom drags my lazy butt out of the house, my favorite place to be is the beach! I love everything about the beach…especially drinking all the water, I can never understand why mom yells at me for it. Rude. 

What is your favourite Buddy Belt colour?

As I am an indecisive dog, I cannot pick a favorite Buddy Belt. My favorite is always the one I’m wearing at the moment (happens to be Mt. Fuji right now!). My goal in life is to be a BB collector, and I am well on my way! I love walking in style without chocking!

What size BB are you?

I am a big size 9 in Buddy Belt! I remember my mom always seeing them in smaller sizes because many stores don’t carry my elephant size. She was overjoyed when she found out about the extra-large sizes that BB carries!

Finish the sentence. My most memorable ‘Buddy Belt’ moment was when…

My most memorable Buddy Belt moment was when we had just received my Mt. Fuji harness and I decided to take it for a trip in the ocean on our first photo shoot. Momma was livid and came to chase me out, but then she slit her toe on a broken beer bottle. Ha! Joke’s on her 

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