BB does the Big Apple!

BB does the Big Apple! Pet Retail World Pop-Up Event, Presented by Buddy Belts

On November 11 and 12, nearly 1,000 people and pups flowed to and from Home Studios Inc. in New York City for the first annual Pet Retail World Pop-Up Sampling Event. Hosted by Richard Cordero of Pet Retail World, and Roxanne Pettipas and Johnny Haslam of Buddy Belts; pet lovers, industry professionals, and over 50 of the cities top (and up and coming!) pup-fluencers were in attendance. Event goers had the opportunity to meet the makers of their favourite brands, and discover new ones, in a laid-back, fun, and friendly atmosphere. What’s more is everyone who walked through the doors was given a “Buddy Belts Loves NY” tote to collect free samples from almost  100 brands, including swag, raffle prizes and exclusive giveaways specially designed for the occasion. Bags filled to the brim, an estimated$10,000 worth of free product was given away over the weekend – needless to say, pups and their “hoomans” were overjoyed. Not to be forgotten the pop-up event paralleled as incredible ‘feel good’ initiative to raise funds for the pets of Puerto Rico affected by the Hurricanes Maria and Irma; over $2,000 (in cash and product) was collected and donated on behalf of Pet Retail World and TruLeaf.

The Buddy Belts team was on hand with smiles and enthusiasm to meet new “furiends” and existing ones. Fitting pups for their new Buddy Belts, IDs collars, and gifting limited-edition “BB Loves NY” charms, the team was ‘on-their-toes’ busy, but filled with love and gratitude for the many fans they met. The team would like to extend a big thank you to Richard Cordero and his amazing volunteer crew for all of their hard work and support. Shout out to Summer Strand (and fur baby April Moon), our official ‘on-the-ground’ and ‘go-to’ BB Ambassadors in New York City. We look forward to nurturing our new connections, and continuing the #BBLovesNY conversation as we look to further penetrate the New York market and bring BB product closer to our customers. We’ll see you soon, New York!