Mom has bought 6 buddy belts for her friends dogs but when she got me she couldn’t decide what color to buy. She loved the natural but was concerned about durability without the lining and stitching. She decided it was worth the risk and boy are we happy with it! Super soft leather, maybe has stretched a tiny bit over the last year and a half but that’s ok because I “stretched” a little more than she expected 🙂 I’m on the second to last notch on the natural and last notch on the regular, so minimal stretching and hasn’t affected the integrity. I go everywhere with mom so it’s been exposed to mud, salt water swims (by accident), rain and anything else we can get into it. A coconut oil treatment once in a while and it’s better than new because we love the way it has darkened over time, Mom says it highlights my handsomeness. 4 paws up for sure!