The Buddy Belt Harness & Accessories have had a few changes since the company was established in 2003.
This is a list of the improvements we have made, showing the evolution of making a great product better

Buddy Belt Harness

Small (Sizes 1-4) – Fall 2014, Large (Sizes 5-10) – Summer 2015

Soft rubber improves the comfort of Size 1 & 2 harnesses, where the tag extends over the strap
Eliminates cracking of the logo tag, improving product life

Size 1 & 2 harness and narrow ½” ID Collars – Fall 2014

Longer buckles make it easier to fasten the strap, especially with crystals

Harness Size 10 – 2008, Size 8 – 2010, Size 9 – Fall 2014,

Eliminates excess production waste

Harness Sizes 8, 9, 10 – Nov.2014

Leather strap loop provides smoother function, making the harness easier to use & more secure when fastened on the last hole

Sizes 9 & 10 – Fall 2014

Natural veg tan leather backing for extra strength. This leather softens quickly with use

Size 10 – Spring 2008, Size 3.5 – Summer 2009, Size 2.5 – Spring 2015

New Harness sizes fill in gaps in the original sizing to accommodate a better fit for more dogs


All Leashes – March 2014

This ring can be used to secure your dog to a post for quick stops. Just wrap the leash and fasten the ring using the leash clasp

Accent Leather & Nylon Leashes – March 2014

Stronger, softer webbing improves the feel and durability of this popular product

All Leather Leashes – March 2014

All ½” leashes now use our small clasp. This provides a lighter weight leash for small dogs using BB Sizes 1-4

All Leather Leashes – Fall 2012

Expanded leash options for All Leather Leashes. These use a coloured top leather with black leather backing (for strength).
Uses a 3 piece design like the Accent Leather & Nylon Leashes