Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

“Wiener Dog Extraordinaire”


Moose the Pug (AKA Moosie)

I am an AKC registered pug from Kelz Pugs in Tonawanda NY. My grandfather has sired over 35 AKC Champions including the #1 pug in Canada in 2005, the #2 Pug in the US in 2006 and the #1 pug in the US in 2007. My cousin is @otisthepugwalsh on Instagram and Twitter I have a girlfriend named Rosie @thedutchpugsisters on Instagram.

My favorite food is peanut butter!


Roo (for my kangaroo-like bounce and big pointy ears) i am a Texas native, rescued from a kill shelter in San Antonio. At five months of age i had already defied death not once, but twice: first escaping euthanization by a few hours, and weeks later sarcoptic mange – a fatal and difficult-to-cure form of canine scabies. Me and my siblings Maui (IG: brooklynandmaui) and Reyna (IG: reynadog) were brought to Canada by a Toronto rescue and rehoming organization called Save Our Scruff.

I love chasing squirrel and bird, and my favorite food are chicken weiners!


I was named after Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Alice is very social and loves to play all the time!

My favorite place to go is the beach!


It’s probably not that un-typical, but I chose my owners! They went to an adoption event by Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to see another dog. They took that dog for a walk around the block and he was actually pretty bad. They were on their way to have a coffee to talk about what they thought – and walked past Shotzy (me). I saw them and rolled over on to my back for a belly rub!! They took me for a walk and instantly fell in love with them (especially when I jumped onto their laps and started kissing them). It has been tru love ever since then!!!! I have grown accustomed to my pampered life in Brooklyn, love going to the dog park, going traveling with them around the country – even when we got stuck in the Austin Texas airport for 12 hours, I was nothing but good. Better then most of the other passengers that were stuck!!

Love going to the dog park, travelling with my owners around the country!


I am spoiled rotten, live in sunny South Florida (Miami), love playing in my kiddie pool and floating around on a baby floatie!

I am the calmest pug EVER!

99 percent of the time I smell like fritos!


I am from Germany and my sister name is Lilly.