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Buddy Belt 2 – BB2

We are excited to introduce BB2!

Is this a real Buddy Belt? YES!
We use the same design and hardware, but made with synthetic leather.

BB2_Size4_3D_nobackground_RD_300x300px BB2_Size4_3D_nobackground_BK_300x300px  BB2_Size4_3D_nobackground_PK_300x300px   BB2_Size4_3D_nobackground_CL_300x300px  BB2_Size4_3D_nobackground_BL_300x300px

BB2 Logo

BB2 Product Highlights

• Lower price point

• Colours available: Red, Black, Pink, Caramel & Blue

• Fits small to medium size dogs: Buddy Belt Size 2-Size 6, limited stock of Size 7 is available

• Synthetic leather harness material

• Metal hardware (just like a BB!)

• Identical BB shape

• Bone charm

• New BB2 logo


 It will be available for purchase at your local retailer (contact them for details), or in our shop at Buddy’s Boutique.